Harvesters portal

This is the site dedicated to our harvesters where you can find different relevant information: Opening time schedule, assesment related to plagues and its treatements, harvesting campaign dates, etc.

Information harvesting season 2023

Requirement for the sale and collection of agricultural products:

The regulation from the Department d'Agricultura is still valid into this year to avoid field thefts from crops.

This means that all harvesters (whether or not they apply for a subsidy) in order to deliver their production to any purchasing center, must have done the DUN.

This document can be made at authorized management offices.

In order to facilitate this procedure, from Molí d’oli Fonts we have established a collaboration with the group ASOLGRUP engineers, who can carry out the procedure if it is of interest to you, price to be agreed. Can be mentioned that you are our suppliers.

In the following links you can find the necessary documents in PDF format, that can be filled in from your mobile or PC and also the ASOLGRUP web.

Bags availability:

If it is convenient for you, we do have used and new bags available. If you are interested on, please ask by usual chanels.

Used bag: variable measurements

Price: 0.20€/each

New bag: 1m x 0.6m 

Price: 0.40€/each